The Grand Tour AKA Top Gear 2

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The Grand Tour AKA Top Gear 2

December 09, 2017 - 17:47
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The Grand Tour

By dojj @therealdojj

Like slipping into your favourite shoes, wearing your favourite coat and talking a nice walk to your favourite pub to enjoy your favourite cold beverage, The Neanderthal, Captain Slow and Mr Bump are back with a bang!
And a Crash, but more of that later. Because SPOILERS!!!
Ok, so there is still a bit of a grown up and adult vibe to the program, perhaps smaller children might not understand some of the jokes and perhaps some older ones will ask awkward questions. I’ve covered that before so I shall not go into it again. But it’s safe to say that their brand of irreverent humour is still just as infectious as it’s always been.
And let’s not forget that the haterz (because that’s what people who think they are cool and young and do technology like to spell it) are gonna hate, simply because it was so much like the old Top Gear format that they hated before new Top Gear came along and ruined it, but let’s concentrate on that X factor that the three amigos have.
Jeremy has become more rotund around his centre, making him look even more like the orang-utan he’s so famously named after. James has had his hair cut and is now sporting some ridiculous trainers. Meanwhile, Richard is being even more keep fitty than before. So much so that the three of them now resemble caricatures of what someone who had watched the show would say they were like. And this just adds to that sense of down to earth, well meaning, but ultimately incompetent blokes who do nothing but arse about in cars.
All the usual nonsense is still there but this week it was about The Past, The Present and The Future, they do fast cars and Jeremy breaks things, but they have also now added actual real life guests. This week there was David “The Hoff” Hasslehoff and some bloke with a beard, doing racing in a Jag.
It was at this point that I thought I’d stumbled onto their secret, they very openly admitted that people hated certain parts of the show and so they were trying something different. Exactly what you would get lynched for if you were a politician (unless your name happened to be Boris Johnson) but perfectly acceptable on a TV show that isn’t on the telly (in the normal sense of things).
But they also did something else, that wasn’t so obviously announced. They’d stolen the part tarmac part gravel idea from the first disastrous series of Top Gear and evolved it to make it better. And it works too. It’s exciting to look at and there could be a serious pranging of the car as it looks like a car beater.
And now, we must come to the running joke during the show. Hammond ending on in the back of an air ambulance while crashing yet another car, in Switzerland, where they have banned motorsport, none of which was captured by the film crew, because it was after the timed section of the track had ended.
There’s also a bit where Jeremy has a pipe in his bottom, but it’s only implied...
Overall, if you liked it before, it’s just as good, if you didn’t, you’ll hate it just the same.