Home Fires: Keep them burning

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Home Fires: Keep them burning

May 19, 2016 - 19:11
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The message to ITV is as loud and clear as an air raid siren. Keep the Home Fires burning…

Home Fires

The message to ITV is as loud and clear as an air raid siren. Keep the Home Fires burning…

In a remarkable display of loyalty, more 20,000 dismayed fans signed a petition calling on the channel’s executives to reconsider their decision to axe the World War 2 drama after two highly successful series.

It bowed out on a cliffhanger as a fighter plane fell from the sky and nosedived into the village. As things stand we’re never going to find out what happened next.

Up against BBC1’s ratings giant The Bafta Television Awards, the final Home Fires still pulled in an impressive 4.27million viewers. A sizeable audience.

This was a popular Sunday night show with a fine cast led by Samantha Bond and Francesca Annis. And a vast army of devoted followers. So why get rid of it?

Do you believe they should reignite Home Fires for a third series? If so, tell us what you loved about it and why you’re convinced ITV is making a massive mistake. Go on… get it off your chest.

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Christinetallents's picture

This is an excellent programme, superbly staged, acted and directed. It proved to remind us of the deprivations this nation suffered during the Second World War. I can now understand how my mum struggled to cope with shortages and rationing and yet this was achieved with several ver good story lines.

I can't understand how the decision to axe this came when it was one of the best programmes on the TV. Particularly as some dross remains.

Please reconsider.

MrsM's picture

This was a great "Real life" type of show, that I really enjoyed. I know many of my friends also liked it.
What a shame that every decision is based on money and ratings.
You should at least have the decency to finish off the stories that have been left hanging.
It makes me hesitant to watch other dramas on your station as I hate an incomplete story. It's bad enough when novels do it but do much worse on TV.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Even a one off special would suffice.