The last episode of Downton Abbey

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The last episode of Downton Abbey

February 18, 2016 - 18:45
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The very last ever final Downton Abbey. Never to return. Promise?

Two saccharine hours of shameless sentimentality during which only a couple of loose ends still needed tying up.

After resolving most of the outstanding issues at the conclusion of series six, the Christmas Day farewell special was full of fleeting mini-dramas that came and went in dizzying quickfire succession.

Suddenly, Carson's shaky hands forced his shock resignation. Luckily, after his personality transplant, formerly horrible Mr Barrow became the likeable replacement. Excellent.

Just as Mrs Crawley decided she loved him, Lord Skullhead Merton was diagnosed with incurable pernicious anaemia. But, phew, the doctors were wrong, and they both lived happily ever after. Great.

Out of nowhere, Lady Mary's husband Hooray Henry quit motor racing and lost his sense of direction. But in the nick of time set up a second hand car dealership with Branson. Wonderful.

Meanwhile, inevitably, Lady Edith married boring Bertie. Sob. And Mr Bates was thrilled as Anna gave birth to their son. Hereinafter known as Master Bates. That's it. The End.