Red Rock: It's darned entertaining

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Red Rock: It's darned entertaining

July 20, 2016 - 13:45
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Mrs. Brown's Boys it ain't!

Red Rock is set in a fictional Irish town

By Cathy Forster

Mrs. Brown's Boys it ain't! (thank f...!) But family loyalty runs through this fictitious Dublin town like George Formby's favourite candy!

It centres on two feuding families. The Hennesseys and The Kieleys. Shakespeare minus the silly costumes. Well. Almost!

Episode one opened with the demise of young Darren Kieley. Helped to Harpsville by two of the Hennessey lads. One of which is in lust with Darren's sister Katie. Who bears a striking resemblance to another lass from a certain soap and share the name. Only hers was her first Monica. And if it was up to the brothers' Mum. (Cruella de Collar) she'd suffer the same fate!

Add to this a cop shop who's various shennanigans make Sun Hill look like a Doris Day DVD boxed set and Bingo! Think they're a wee bit busy for that though!

It's darned entertaining. And who doesn't enjoy a bit of family bay jayzuzzin?!!

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Shiv's picture

I live in Ireland so have seen it already and am enjoying watching again. I was wondering how the beeb were going to get away with showing it before the watershed as here it is after it. Seems some words have been left out !

Today's ending was a bit of a shock for people I'm sure, and we were left for ages for the next series but tomorrow you'll get to see the outcome. To say there is a lot more twist and turns to come is an understatement, Brian is still going to be around causing havoc, guards get into more trouble and Cathy (original poster) will be glad to know the feuding families keep it going :)