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Welcome to You The Critic

May 03, 2016 - 16:49
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Important announcement. The new improved tvkev.co.uk needs you! Welcome to You The Critic.

Kevin O'Sullivan

Important announcement. The new improved tvkev.co.uk needs you! Welcome to You The Critic.

From now on, it’s not only about me. I want you to write your own reviews of the programmes you’re watching. Do they thrill you, irritate you or bore you to tears? Don’t hold back. Don’t sit on the fence. Love ‘em or loath ‘em, give it both barrels.

This is your chance to become a published TV critic. Your golden opportunity to tell the world what you really think. And to read all about what other discerning viewers think.

To get involved, follow the simple instructions on the site and get writing. Your opinion matters. So why just sit on the sofa shouting at the screen? Write it down. Get your message across. Get it off your chest. Get yourself heard.

Every day I’ll suggest the shows that I believe might be interesting. Whenever possible, I’ll start the ball rolling with a review by l’il ol’ me. Then you can write yours. Make it as long as you like. But try not to be too brief. Three paragraphs (or more) is better than one. And don’t forget to go to the star rating box and mark the show from one to five.

But you don’t have to wait for me. If there’s a programme that I haven’t reviewed (or even mentioned), you can be the first. Again, just follow the instructions and go for it.

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Newquay2013's picture

Well Marcella has more suspects than you can wave a stick at ! I thought it was Anna Windass's ex but not so sure now ? Marcella seems to have vindicated her self as a suspect with the necklace being found so she's not guilty or is she ? 'Everyone' is suspect I'm slightly confused but utterly addicted !!!!

rinag's picture

Well the end finally finally came.

After the initial excitement that a crime thriller written by the same guy that writes 'The Bridge' was going to be in English Soon this excitement faded and became apathy Not sure why I can't quite put my finger on it but it did not keep me riveted to my seat as 'The Bridge' does In fact I only watched the first 3 episodes and the last understanding the full plot.

Perhaps too many episodes Perhaps to many flashbacks Perhaps too many incoherent moments Whatever it was I will say that it was enjoyable but did not live up to my initial excitable expectation

PhilipStar's picture

Can I just say the You Critic thing is brilliant because you get reviews for the niche content and major content, Plus hearing from other people is great too.

Kevin O'Sullivan's picture

Yes, Philip, you certainly can say that. Tell all your friends! The more people that write reviews, the better.