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Eastenders: Where Halloween lasts for days!

You know…Mick and Linda are in real danger of having to run The Vic like they’re already supposed to be running it. How else will they make up the extra money?

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Eastenders: Where true romance goes to die

Who else expected Stacey to smack that lovely big cake into Carmel's face as soon as she saw it? Yes, me too.

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Gunpowder: Pure torture!

I've been looking forward to Gunpowder, because the story of Guy Fawkes has been handed down through generations as a historical tale most of us like to think we know very well. However, as this three-part miniseries has just proved, we probably don’t.

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Eastenders: Ian, Jane is about to wake up! Hello? Ian?

“I thought I was gonna lose you.” Awww…don’t worry, Ian. Maybe next time, yeah? Because there WILL be a next time.

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Hurry, Carmel! Stacey's telling her kids off again

I can’t imagine anyone else being as perfect in the role of Stacey as Lacey Turner. There are some seriously great actors in Eastenders, but she breaks my heart when she’s on form like this.

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X Factor: Be careful what you wish for

A handful of people singing on a stage isn’t enough. If it was, we wouldn’t need a panel of famous judges to moan about in the first place.

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Eastenders: Ian's crying again

I’m so pleased to see Willmott-Brown back in Eastenders and I’m even more glad he’s still the slimy old toff he was before. Plus, he’s brought friends! Okay yah!

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