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Eastenders. Jane, please die!

I know it’s probably convenient to use the Walford General set for more than one emergency at a time, but it was like every member of the cast was either being treated in a bed or sitting in the waiting room. Just silly.

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I guess it's time for Walford General to remove the ‘reserved’ sign from Jane’s personal hospital side room and get those pillows plumped up!

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So, Eastenders, we meet again

Ah, Eastenders, how I’ve missed you…with your wheelie bins full of rubbish, bickering market traders, weekly wife swaps and interchangeable offspring. I mean, you’re always there, aren’t you. No matter how much my commitment wanes, you’re always there. Waiting…just waiting…beckoning.

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Preacher hits the road in search of God...and jazz!

Series two of AMC's Preacher has been up and running on Amazon Prime for a few weeks now, as we move forward with Jesse Custer, the Preacher with The Power, and his ongoing search for God.

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The Mash Report. Absolutely several good punchlines!

I’m always pleased to see new ideas brought to the table and, after three episodes of The Mash Report, I'm roughly 70/30 on the positive side…so far.

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This Country. Bingo! This is the episode I was waiting for!

The writing, the acting, the production, the filming, the sound, the direction, the editing. It’s all here…and it’s all working.

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Let It Shine. Live and kicking...just about

By Anna May @AnnaMayMight

Well…it’s happened…and I think we all knew it would. I am now enjoying Let It Shine.

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