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This Country. Mandy WILL find you and you WILL have a tattoo!

Kerry and Kurtan lead pretty boring lives, but this is their chance to reinvent themselves to the general public as anything they want. Herein lies the comedy.

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Legion. Mind-bending feast of superheroes and SFX

David Haller's not your average paranoid schizophrenic. He's not even mad. The voices in his head? They're real.

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The Moorside. A true story of greed and neglect

Karen Matthews handed her nine year old daughter over to a man she knew was capable of harming her. He hid her for just over three weeks before she was eventually found drugged up in the base of a divan bed.

Let’s just let that sink in, shall we.

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Taboo. May contain scenes of... yes please, to all of the above

Anyone else wondering who the poor person is, whose job it is to walk backwards everywhere with a huge fan, so Delaney’s coat never stops billowing?

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Let It Shine. My new second job

I know some of these talent shows go on a bit, but Let It Shine is like having a second job, isn’t it!

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Let It Shine. When you're ready. Oh, you've started. Okay.

Seriously, if Graham Norton wasn’t presenting, it would be as flat as a pancake.

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Taboo. Forget the whores and horses, what’s Delaney been up to all these years!

Taboo is written around a character named James Keziah Delaney who suddenly returns to his home town from Africa to attend his father’s funeral, complete with sinister supernatural powers.

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