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Let It Shine. Gary Barlow's bare chest...and some singing

Okay, it’s not really different, because Andrew Lloyd Webber’s already done it. Has anyone else on the internet mentioned that in their review of Let It Shine? No, didn’t think so…

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The Voice. How dare they interrupt my adverts with all that singing!

The show's transition to ITV is not one I'm happy with, especially as each segment seems to have been edited to contain just a few minutes of singing, and a whole lotta judging!

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Camping: Move over Rick Astley, sexy Noel is here!

Julia Davis not only wrote Camping, but stars in it too! Each character she’s written here has their own personal issues to overcome, so when her own character, Fay the nymphomaniac, shows up you just know there will be no man left untampered with and no relationship left untested.

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Westworld - Why fan theories and speculation are important

Westworld has brought together a community of viewers that spans the whole world and created a buzz so loud even people who aren’t watching can’t hide from it.

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The X Factor: time to scrap the app?

Imagine being able to squander five free votes on not just one, but up to five of your favourite acts, whether you’re rich, poor, 94 or 4 years old. Hmmm...4 years old.

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Westworld: The journey to the centre of the maze continues...

Now sex…um…I mean six episodes in, we are finally getting somewhere.

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Eastenders: Newsflash! The recycling still hasn't bin collected. The end.

Nobody in Walford, other than Jack and his eager Beavers, knows how to pull a bin bag off a roll and put litter into it? It’s just too much now, it really is.

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