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Eastenders: The bins need emptying, but don't worry, Jack's dressed as a Beaver!

So it’s goodbye to Pam and Les as they leave to the usual doof doof whistling theme tune. Shame really, because all they did was walk under a bridge the other day and got the full slowed down ‘Julia’s Theme’. What’s happening to me? Why are they doing this? I’m so confused!

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Westworld: When robots stop to think, humans need to

The inhabitants of Westworld are about to decide exactly how they want to live their lives...and it's not as target practice for the rich newcomers.

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Eastenders: Musical Houses in the Middle Ages

By Anna May

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EastEnders: Let's talk about Denise. No, let's talk about the whole bleedin' lot of 'em!

Now I am fully up-to-date with everything, I cannot deny I’m a little smug at having predicted Denise’s pregnancy by Phil, because nobody else in the whole wide world would have seen THAT coming.

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The X Factor. I'm enjoying it this year. Please send help.

X Factor would be really silly to try anything new and potentially damaging this year…because The Voice is coming…and there’s hardly enough elbow room for all these shows as it is.

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Stage School: Oh the drama of it all!

If you think the students here are over the top for the sake of the cameras, yes they are, but what better platform for performing arts students to showcase their talents than a series where they can unashamedly boast and bitch their way through each day without a care.

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