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The Bullet Proof Apprentice

By TellysGoneWrong @tellyswrong

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The Apprentice: why is Lord Sugar so bitter?

You can generally tell who’s going to be kicked out at the end of the show by the way the edit focuses on one or two central characters early in the show. This week, Sarah Jayne stepped forward to take on the Project Manager’s role declaring that she “needed to prove herself”. Several colleagues stepped gratefully aside and began construct a makeshift gallows.

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Trust Me – It Couldn’t Happen

Of all the missed opportunities in the world, the one that I find the most frustrating is why, when Karl realised that Cath (Jodie Whittaker) was masquerading under a false identity, did they not give him the line “Doctor WHO?”

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Murder In The Dark

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The Island. Is Bear a god?

By Tellysgonewrong @Tellyswrong

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Peter Kay's Car Share: Share the love

Peter Kay's 'Car Share' returned to BBC1 on Tuesday making comedy performance look as easy as driving a Fiat 500L Automatic and turning 'ordinariness' into an art form.

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Three Wives, One Husband: meet the many Mrs Fosters

Rockland Ranch in Utah is home to a self-sufficient, Mormon community who live peacefully and religiously together. Channel 4's documentary focuses on two polygamist families to explore if multiple marriage can really function in 21st Century America whilst we watch from behind the sofa.

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